Dartford's & Swanley Bargains Locally to you!! :)

Hello and welcome to Dartford's & Swanley Bargains Locally to you! Where you can sell your unwanted items and grab a bargain.

These are the rules for Dartford's & Swanley Bargains Locally to you!! :) Please read them thank you.

You are welcome to be in the surrounding areas but please consider people who may not drive.

Please could you read through these few rules, to make your buying and selling easier without problems or conflicts.

1) All pictures must have information on them details to include, size/measurements/age, price, condition and location.

2) All sold items must be removed ASAP once collection has been arranged. Failure to do so constantly will result in warnings, 3 warnings and you will be removed.

3) Multiple sellers feel free to create your own album, as long as you keep it upto date.

4) If using the album feature it is ONE album per person anyone making comments on items please make sure you comment on the item you want and not the whole album it stops people gettting confused.


6) You can bump items but only after 12 hours anything before will be removed.please do not be lazy and re add item's You must remove before re adding New item's if Admin have to remind more then 3 times ban will be called for !

7) We are not in connection with any other selling groups.

I am providing this platform for it's members to buy, sell or exchange goods which are not stolen or illegal and anyone found selling such goods will have their advert removed, they will be banned from the site and their details handed to the police.

Please when posting things you are after that you post in the "wanted items list" Only this is stop people getting confused! State clear what you after. NO chat just item wanted and price your selling at!

Please make sure are are OVER 18

Any item should be first sold to the person who first shows interest. They have 2 hours from then to commit to buy, otherwise it will be passed onto the next person waiting.
Please complete the sale by way of inbox only and once collected, met or delivered, please delete the post.

All items are sold as seen, so please make sure the item is what it should be and that your happy to buy.We have no responsibility for any returns of items, it is all down to your choice.

If there is any problem, please report to an admin staff and we will try to resolve the issue in the correct manner.

If anyone who wishes to sell any item out of a local area and wish to post. Please discuss with the buyer and seller to make arrangements. Thank you.

Also please delete any items after one month that does not sell and relist after a further 24 hours.

If a seller or buyer fails to meet, without giving a valid reason and have not got in contact with the other person. Admin will issue a warning, 3 warnings will result in removal from this group.

It is the buyers responsibility to collect the goods, although we are not stopping you or the seller to arrange a meet or delivery.

Please have consideration for others and have the same respect you wish to receive.

If we all stick to the guidlines, everyone will have a hassle free, easy way of selling and buying goods.

If you are not happy with items then admin takes no responsibility so please check your items before giving over any money.

Thank you very much from the admin team :)

Any problems please contact one of the admin team:
Mandy An Mark
Debra Winter