Humphrey Park

This is a closed group for all the current service residents of Humphrey Park, Quetta Park & Wakefords Park, Church Crookham. All posts must be factual, informative and require admin approval.

The idea of this group is to bring our little service community together, allow us to keep in touch, keep up to date with upcoming events, pass on information to both residents and people who are due to join us.

Please may we also ask members to be mindful of others when they post, or comment on our page. Any thread or conversation that is deemed to be abusive, threatening or contain inappropriate language towards others will be deleted without warning. Having said that people are welcome to an opinion and by all means air your issues as long as it dosn't turn nasty.

Please feel free to advertise your business in this group or share one you feel will benefit the community. However, business posts are restricted to Mondays only. Bumping of posts or posting through out the week will result in the post being deleted.

Please use our Humphrey Park buy it sell it group to advertise your unwanted items, sales items from your business, or individual items from your business.
Again posts will be deleted without warning or explanation if posted.

Failure to comply with our rules will result in a person/persons being removed/blocked from our group.

Please tell your friends and neighbors to join this group, the more people who know about the group the more help and advice we can give each other!