CNHS – AFSSA [CASANAYAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL – ALUMNI, FACULTY & STAFF, STUDENTS ASSOCIATION] was created a year after the Facebook Company (social networking website, launched on February 4, 2004) opened for public consumption. But the Institution was created in 1972 through the Barangay Resolution Number***dated***signed by the Barangay Council headed by Teniente del Barrio Cesar Villano Cosca, Pedro Aguirre Blancaver, Adello de Asis Badayos & Erlinda Bermejo-Ganzon. The people who prepared the necessary papers for the approval of Noe B. Villareal, the Schools Division Superintendent of Capiz, were Ner Beruya Cantiller-Jabat, and Portia Villanueva Acevedo-Blancaver.The pioneer mentors of this institution who were assigned for the secondary teaching were Teresa Cosca Diocson-Cartujano, Shirley A. Berco, Ner Beruya Cantiller-Jabat, Othello Briones Martinez, Ireneo Bacay Gerarde, Edna Diocson Navarra, Cynthia Badana, Zaida Goboy Antaran-Blancaver, Florante Buendia Patricio & Evangeline Banate Buyo. Some elementary teachers were also tapped to teach for some reasons; hence, the opening of this institution was gladly welcomed by the folks of Casanayan. They were Nancy Villanueva Bance, Armando Bance Blancaver, Noe Alavaren Villaron & Rhodora Blancaver Cuñada-Mallorca. Meanwhile this group created for the purpose to have linkages with the people that this Institution has been a part of: The students (graduates or undergraduates), faculty & staff (currently working or had partially worked), people that in one way or another make this Institution in existence. Evolution of Names: CASANAYAN BARANGAY HIGH SCHOOL - CASANAYAN NEWLY NATIONALIZED HIGH SCHOOL - CASANAYAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. The school heads: From Portia Villanueva Acevedo-Blancaver, Ner Beruya Cantiller-Jabat, Raul Oro Pancer, Jimmy Begalan Billones, Marilou Bajo Amador-Billones, Ronilo Baltar Tu to Nilo Lata Domingo.