Buy Sell Swap Recycle Ealing

A place to post your unwanted items in Ealing
Group rules:
Please state clearly if you are buying selling swapping or offering for free.
Please add multiple photos to an album if you don't they will be removed without warning as it can annoyingly clogs up people's news feeds!
Only local businesses can post details of their services but this is limited to once per month any more than this and the post will be removed without notice.
Repeat offenders will be banned from the group!
Please only bump your items once per week and a max of 4 times - if it ain't selling no one is interested !
Please don't just ask people for offers as most won't make one - place your asking price (or near offer) clearly in your post
Please remove sold/ swapped/ answered items.
Please be nice to one another nasty rude or offensive posters will be banned with no notice.
Please post the value of your items (including a swap value - SV) clearly as most people won't make an offer from scratch.
Disclaimer: admins and myself will take no responsibility if things don't work out- but if someone is mucking you about please message and we will consider having a word or banning!
Please be safe - dont add your personal details to the post, take precautions if meeting a stranger- let someone know where you are going
First come first served - this will be determined by the poster- please don't leave them hanging if you change your mind- if you do they will offer the item to someone else!
Happy bargain hunting/emptying your house!!!

Please note that people who "spam" repeated posts will have post removed without warning. Those who continue to do so will be banned from the group and possibly reported to facebook