Help to get me unbarred from the old turk, dewsbury

In april 2010 my drink was spiked in The Old Turk pub in dewsbury, subsequently, i believed that my girlfriend had been kidnapped. she was, in fact, upstairs getting warm by the fire. however, due to my state, i was unable to purvey my concerns in a reasonable and dignified manner. i ended up having a fight or two and did some very silly things which i deeply regret.

i have tried on a number of occasions to get myself un-barred from the pub, however all attempts have failed.

i truly love going to The Old Turk and i'm so sorry for what happened, it's unbelievable.

it is important to remember that my drink was spiked and i should not be punished for what someone else did. i would never do what i did that night under normal circumstances and all i ask is for a chance to prove this. i've been going to the turk for over 7 years without a problem until this happened.

please join my cause and help to convince the landlord and landlady to unbar me.

Thanks for reading