Ths morning i accidentally sent Kshs. 9,500/= to a
wrong number and realises before withdrawal is
made. I immediately send a text message to
that number saying, " Hi Wafula, I hope you are
okay. I hope you hav received the cash you had
requested for you to come to Nairobi for the
Illuminati recruitment ritual, scheduled to happen
at Freemason Hall, State house road at 4.00AM.
That is only for bus fare.... I'll send you 30,000/=
for pocket money & there will be more riches
waiting for you. Please don't be late because the
DEVIL himself will be present to preside over the
ceremony. Thank you in advance."
After 2 minutes sema pesa kurudishwa pamoja na
za kutoa....hehe!!! Walevi nyinyi.