Jongeren tegen roekeloze vakbondsacties

Socialism evolves by the survival of the most corrupt, instead of the fittest. Based on the ideology of protection. It protects the weak in a very similar fashion that the mafia "protects" the weak. Socialists create a huge mess, especially when they are national socialists. Like those muscular guys in the gangster movies, usually bald, thick neck and rather rude. They make you feel uncomfortable, needy for protection. And then - for a "fair" share of your money - they offer their protection service. They guarentee your good health. Of course, refusing is not an option. They protect you anyway, it's obligatory. Socialism makes more and more people subject to the need of protection. It's a downward spiral. More and more people need to be protected more and more, so more and more taxes must be enforced, otherwise socialism obviously couldn't fulfill its promise to protect all those in need.